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The Linux 2.6.35-rc3 Kernel Update Is Small

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    Ok, I don't have much time to build other kernels, so I'm just asking:

    am I the only one to experience whole system hangs, as long as I'm not pressing keys (creating hw interrupts?) during the initscripts?
    The text cursor itself stops blinking while writing the initscripts' output. It's really strange.
    Holding a key, permits starting the hraphical environment stack (KDM, Xorg, blah), which seems to let me use the system normally.
    Didn't try switching to another VT, to see if the hang remains there.

    Custom built 2.6.34 works correctly.
    Custom built 2.6.35-rc[123] hangs.
    KMS on a Radeon Mobility 3470.

    Didn't try disabling KMS. I will.

    Anyone sharing the same experience?


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      Good for Linus; good for Linux.

      RC revisions are *supposed* to be limited to bug fixes - just like everything else after alpha.


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        Sure, but the reason for this discussion was that the current Linux kernel development cycle does not *have* an alpha milestone.

        Even the milestone at the end of the merge window is called an "RC".


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          What about h.264 video acceleration for Radeon cards via VA-API? Is it expected for 2.6.35 or 2.6.36? coz Intel's h.264 hw acceleration is being developed for this version, innit?


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            That does not belong in the kernel, it is being written for the Gallium3d framework, and this does not work on UVD2-capable hardware yet.


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              What happened with the stable 2.6.34.x and the RC 4 for 2.6.35?