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    Originally posted by KohlyKohl View Post
    As far as I've seen, with 6.10 you cannot use a dual core processor and NVidia's official drivers because you have to install a different kernel that doesn't support it. To me thats just unsatisfactory, and I'm going back to SuSE most likely to finish out my 1 year SLED License and find something else.
    Actually this is not the case... dual-core support is available in Edgy (just like any other distribution) by installing the SMP kernel (just like with any other distribution):
    1. Open Synaptic
    2. Check the box next to linux-686-smp kernel
    3. Click Apply

    Do you mean that the SMP kernel is not loaded as the default kernel? That's a different situation (that many would say is not a problem).

    As for Nvidia drivers not working with a dual-core processor in Edgy, I have not found anything saying that is the case... I'd be interested in seeing some threads or links on that.


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      No, Installing the SMP Kernel does not work anymore as they changed to putting SMP into the standard kernel now. SMP Works out of the box, but once you install the NVidia drivers and SMP no longer will work. Installing the Old SMP Kernel did not work for me.


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        I see what you are talking about, but I haven't been able to test it out yet (my computer just arrived and I'm in the process of setting it up and configuring). I'll look into this and post back with results.

        Just to make sure, are you trying to use the non-free metapackage from the repositories that includes the nvidia module, or are you using the basic nvidia drivers found off nvidia's website? I can see where using the metapackage may cause your problem, but haven't tested it.