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Enna Comes About As An Alternative To XBMC

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  • Enna Comes About As An Alternative To XBMC

    Phoronix: Enna Comes About As An Alternative To XBMC

    It was just recently that there was a new XBMC release and then after that this media player picked up support for Broadcom Crystal HD decoding. While XNMC may be progressing well in terms of features for this free software multimedia project, there is a new competitor on the block. Benjamin Zores, the project leader for GeeXbox and a long-time MPlayer developer, has announced the first public (beta) release of Enna...

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    I often wonder if these media players are actually seeking approval from the respective trademark holders for logo's being used for Dolby Digital, MP3, DTS, DivX, etc etc. Good to see Geexbox live on though.


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      Not that there is anything wrong with a little bit of competition, but XBMC has such a huge lead, it is hard to belief someone would even bother. On the other hand, maybe they have some ideas that XBMC has not implemented yet. It should be interesting to see what they have come up. I'll probably wait for a review first before I try it though. XBMC does everything I want except DVR duties and (of course) blu-ray playback.


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        From the quick look I saw that there code is much, much cleaner.

        And it's written in C

        Hopefully it'll be less of a dependency hell aswell (xbmc likes to pull in loads of stuff you might not even need/want. For embedded boxen, this can be a little much.


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          Just the think that it can be used in Enlightenment without other desktop's depedencies is enough. Kudos!


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            Enna is built atop MPlayer's libplayer

            libplayer provides a generic A/V API that relies on various multimedia player for Linux systems. It currently supports MPlayer, xine VLC and GStreamer only.


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              Looks like my kind of a media center