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Eagle Tech Consus USB 2.0 / eSATA Enclosure

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  • Eagle Tech Consus USB 2.0 / eSATA Enclosure

    Phoronix: Eagle Tech Consus USB 2.0 / eSATA Enclosure

    It's not often that we steer away from our graphics card, motherboard, processor, driver, and software benchmarking to look at other products like computer peripherals, but occasionally we are up for it, particularly when it's an offer from a manufacturer we have never heard of before with running their products on Linux. An example of this is Eagle Tech Computers, which is a US-based company that makes a variety of drive enclosures, speakers, and power supplies. Eagle Tech is no SilverStone Technology, but we decided anyways to check out their Consus ET-CS2PESU2-BK, which is a 2.5" external enclosure that offers USB 2.0 and eSATA connectivity.

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    While it is possible to run the disk off the USB connection for both power and data, with decent USB ports and a bit of luck, you absolutely DO need to use the included USB-to-tiny-DC-power-jack cable when using the eSATA connection. eSATA in the current incarnation DOES NOT provide power.

    I bought two of these guys off Newegg a while back. The USB connection is fast enough, and eSATA is almost transparent, drive runs at same speed as the bare disk. I think I paid somewhere between 10-15$ each for mine. The array of included cabling was a surprising nice touch, it gave USB-to-funky-DC-jack, dual USB to female USB (for aggregation of subpar power), as well as eSATA to SATA. It would have been nice to see eSATA to eSATA cable in there as well, but I can not complain.