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The Second GNOME 2.30 Development Release

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  • The Second GNOME 2.30 Development Release

    Phoronix: The Second GNOME 2.30 Development Release

    While GNOME 2.30 will not be the release that goes on to become GNOME 3.0 (instead it will be GNOME 2.32 in September that grabs the "3.0" tag), the second development release for the 2.30 series is now available. This new GNOME 2.30 development release goes by the version number 2.29.2. Among the changes to be found in GNOME 2.29.2 include Evince now supporting PDF File Attachment Annotations, gcalctool now has a command-line version called gcalccmd of this GNOME Calculator, GDM has picked up many enhancements, a Moblin front-end for gnome-bluetooth, and Tomboy now supports Ubuntu One...

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    Good News

    Although, Tomboy already supports syncing to Ubuntu One, I've been doing it for a month. (Ubuntu 9.10)


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      I'm not sure I'm going to like gnome 3.0. It seems like such a radical departure it's going to take too much to get used to.