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PulseAudio 0.9.20 Arrives With Fixes

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    The first thing i do when i install a distro is to get rid of Pulseaudio, and replace alsa/pulseaudio with OSS4 , which just works for me, sounds better (at least for me) and supports everything i need .

    All in all Linux Sound System is in kinda mess, Pulseausio isnt the soulution at least yet, and i confess its all very very confusing whats going on on the linux sound system, specially with all the higher api`s.


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      Originally posted by BlackStar View Post
      What next, people will start griping that mouse clicks are eating too many CPU cycles and that they'll try to disable them "because many people have problems with them".
      and people do that on servers for example by loading just the CLI and no X

      ... besides griping how *nix doesn't need a fancy GUI is way older then griping about PA.


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        It seems there are many people who hate Pulse Audio (even if it's not its fault sometimes):

        It’s a shame that my first blog post in months is something so antithetical to my normal posts as this, but 1) I haven’t blogged in forever (darned Twitter/!!!) and 2)…

        it seems some OS X fanboys (or advertisements guys) have fun there. Author of this bull is (afaik weakly) related to KDE project (and he attacks it as he's os x fanboy ;>). He says he had problems with skype in Kubuntu and blames Pulse Audio (next to some other Linux things) and praises OS X. Strange, because afaik Kubuntu doesn't use Pulse Audio. The funny thing is he posted this article a day after Apple released upgrade to Snow Leopard and there's probably more then half apple fanboys comments (I didn't know they're interested in Linux, so much to find this article...). There's also some response to this:

        Some have noted that the tone on has been relatively negative lately. Some have said that this is actually a good thing, beca...
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          Originally posted by AHSauge View Post
          What exact problems are you running into? I'm daily using one machine with an Audigy 2 ZS, and I can't really say I'm experiencing any problems with it and PulseAudio. Haven't done anything to make it work either. In fact it works out of the box in at least Fedora.
          Sound stalls about every 3 seconds. This might be related to BOINC eating up every remaining CPU cycle, but I am not willing to forgive _any_ software for not working properly under such circumstances, therefore I just deleted PulseAudio instantly and went back to whatever is running on Squeeze ^^

          Maybe the Version is just too old, it's 0.9.19-2, which doesn't seem too old.


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            @kraftman :

            The guy there wanted to make a general point how things in OSX just work, and things in linux often do not.

            Reading his message pulseaudio is mentioned there as an example of general linux mentality to push new API/ABIs and break compatibility with commercial closed software ... That point is nothing new and I say screw the blobs and go forward, then again from a user point of view that has to use skype for work or whatever thing one could understand from where those frustrations come. He also correctly mentions how linux skype client seems to be in poorer state then osx or windows port. All in all after reading his blog I got the feeling he isn't blaming linux or pulseadio he just wants something that works (for him)

            though kubuntu doesn't use PA that's a fact..


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              These posts are worth to read:

              o Sound on Linux Anti-FUD: Calm, Certainty and Confidence
              o Testing Request for KDE+PulseAudio users

              Ubuntu users:
              o Reporting PulseAudio Bugs You Experience in Ubuntu

              snd-hda-intel powersave option and "CLICK" from speakers

              echo 0 > /sys/module/snd_hda_intel/parameters/power_save
              options snd-hda-intel power_save=10 power_save_controller=N
              options snd-hda-intel power_save=0 power_save_controller=N


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                Yep, it could be his intention, but it seems he failed to give real arguments


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                  Every pulse release is the same:

                  User community: PA sucks, why won't it just go away?

                  PA fan club: No all your applications and drivers and sound-cards suck. Pulse is fine the world needs to change.


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                    Originally posted by BlackStar View Post
                    You don't need GHz, this is stuff even a 33MHz 486 can handle.
                    How come my 2.5GHz Core2s need to give up to 10% of their awesome powa to pulseaudio then? How much would that translate to on a 1GHz PIII?


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                      Originally posted by misiu_mp View Post
                      How come my 2.5GHz Core2s need to give up to 10% of their awesome powa to pulseaudio then? How much would that translate to on a 1GHz PIII?
                      Probably the entire thing and alot more.