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Intel Matrix Raid vs Linux Software Raid

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  • Intel Matrix Raid vs Linux Software Raid

    Hello, I have 2 500 gb hds, and I want to try out raid. I am wondering what has better performance, Intel Matrix Raid or Linux software Raid. I know Intel Matrix raid is basically just software, that runs in the firmware. I would prefer linux software raid because it is open source and more compatible if my motherboard were to fail. Is there any stats? I am looking at raid 0 and raid 1. Also, on newegg, I saw some really cheap raid cards for around $20. Would those offer a big improvement? Thanks!

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    You can forget cheap cards, those are the same as motherboard raid - you need dmraid for both. Using it for data is usually no big problem, gparted has now dmraid support too. Booting from dmraid is however much more tricky, much simpler is using a spare disk to boot. There are however 3ware (and maybe other) raid controllers which really provide only 1 device (and not one for each hd) to Linux. dmraid is usally needed when you want to access a raid that you use with Win mainly otherwise you can create Linux only softraids. The simple raid firmware only works for the bootloader - same for Win as you need extra raid drivers which combine the drives - which is done in software too then.


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      Can you boot linux with a linux softraid? I do not have a spare disk around (I used up all the slots anyway).