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Linux 6.11 To Introduce Block Atomic Writes - Including NVMe & SCSI Support

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    Originally posted by Kjell View Post
    Surge protected power strip has worked nicely thus far, in sense of no damaged hardware. Next step is a uninterruptible power supply
    Or a laptop. Then, you can continue working on battery for probably at least a couple hours (as long as you don't need internet).


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      UPS not protects again kernel oops.


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        Originally posted by shtripok View Post
        UPS not protects again kernel oops.
        Yes, but I can't even remember the last time I've seen a kernel oops.


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          Originally posted by coder View Post
          Oh, it didn't always handle those. I can definitely tell you that!

          Indeed, around 2000 to perhaps 2010, XFS had the stupid behavior of erasing the files that happened to be open at the time of a power outage, fearing that they might have become corrupted, even if they happened to be open just for reading, so they certainly were not corrupted.

          I have seen many cases of bricked computers, because a power outage had erased the "/etc/fstab" file.

          At that time, in the early years after 2000, while XFS was one of the worst from this point of view, none of the Linux file systems was crash proof, despite the journaling used by some of them. Windows NTFS at that time (in Windows XP) was also not crash proof, despite the journaling. At that time, only the FreeBSD file system, UFS with "soft updates", was completely crash proof.

          Nevertheless, some time, many years ago, the behavior of XFS on computer crashes has been greatly improved and now it seems very robust. I have seen many crashes caused by lost power that had absolutely no effect.
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            If only she could delete them... But no. She reset them to zero size.
            In other words, it wasn't enough for you to check if the file was still there after the crash. You should have checked to see if its size was zero.

            But the most amazing thing about this whole story was the huge number of people on the Internet who claimed that this is normal, and that this is a problem only for those beggars who for some reason do not use UPS. And those who use UPS will never find themselves in such a situation!