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    Originally posted by smitty3268 View Post
    I'm very sympathetic to the viewpoint that prison is meant to rehabilitate, not just punish, and people have to be allowed to move on eventually. However, it's also reasonable to take their past actions into account and view them skeptically. You can't just blindly accept everything they say.
    I'm not saying you're not allowed to be skeptical about their past, I'm saying that people *can* change, unlike the person I replied to. It doesn't mean we should totally ignore their past or give them a free pass, but it also doesn't mean we have to look at them like they're still a monster, when they aren't anymore. It all depends on the root cause, like mental health issues, for example.


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      Originally posted by justinkb View Post

      The actual lesson: don't murder people, stuff them in a bag like they are garbage and bury them in the woods. Turns out most people don't need help not to murder people. The guy gets way too much sympathy in these parts, just because he's a nerd who could program well, it's pretty fucked up. The fact you listed the murderer first of those who were negatively affected says it all.
      indeed, murdering people is bad. No question.
      But a lot of civilized jurisdiction try to rehab the offender - even murderers. Because after all is said and done, they are still human beings. Also, them rotting in jail till they die does not bring back the dead. But if they can become productive members of society, their time spent (at great costs), there is a benefit for society at large.

      Of course there are always people that can not be rehabilitated. People so far gone, so psychological unstable, that they will always pose a risk to society and those rehab focused justice systems have ways to deal with those.

      Back when the case blew up, I was a stout 'innocent until proven guilty' commentator. I was also hoping for Nina's well being. When the truth came out, I was shocked and deeply disappointed (because reiserfs and reiser4 were pretty nifty pieces of software and his articles about them were pleasant to read).

      I will never defend what he did. But the way the american system is so focused on punishment instead of rehab is kind of mind boggling. They claim to be sooo christian. But are also vindictive and unforgiving.