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Linux 6.10 Preps A Kernel Panic Screen - Sort Of A "Blue Screen of Death"

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    Originally posted by archkde View Post
    It's true that Linux kernel panics don't happen frequently, but I haven't seen a BSOD for a long time either.
    My neighbor's Windows 11 network driver causes a BSOD once a week. Super fun.

    Not saying Linux is immune. I've personally had my shares of stuff breaking with kernel updates, but at least it was broke almost completely, so I easily reverted until fixed.


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      Originally posted by duby229 View Post

      ^^^ This...

      Linux already had a means to display error messages in case of kernel panic.

      EDIT: I'm wrong about this statement, I had assumed that because I had seen kernel panic messages in the past, but it isn't true. I just spent half the day building a linux system testing this out and in fact it does hang on a black screen.

      I've never personally experienced a hang to a black screen, but if you have a desktop running then kernel panics do in fact...
      This is EXACTLY why I made this, which may have been unable to properly describe the problem:

      If anyone can gather what I'm trying to say, and can paraphrase it, please, feel free to sound off in that issue.

      The "Troubleshooting a black screen" is a problem that is super annoying, and sort of needs to be handled at every DM level (and it seems like canonical is willing to take my PR for lightdm, except that its currently held up due to an exploit-ish issue i found in their GH actions), but the same fix will need to be implemented into GDM, SDDM, etc, if there is no encouraged standard for how to start X or Wayland with some form of failsafe function for child processes failing.

      EDIT: Maybe I let loose with my rant before fully reading and deciding if your anecdote was really 1:1 with the scenario I'm describing