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    Hy.First of all, sorry of the bad English, it is not my language of speak.Since the discussion is abou linux, i want to tell my opinion about the OS i`m using since 06` .Im a student, in Romania, a country where, lets just say the windows license it not a problem for a normal PC user, so my using of Linux OS is not based on legal issues.First linux i came in contact with, was slax (kde) and i got impressed of the looks.In the same day, i talked to a friend and tell about the "Wonder" of a disk with an entire os on it(the live CD)!!!And than he, introduced me to the word of Linux.But, it was not easy. I started with opensuse , and end up with ubuntu 6.10. And, since than, i am using ubuntu ever since . Sure, i tried others distros, but stick with ubuntu.No, this is not my life story, dont fall asleep. i just don't know how to begin and .. where. first, kde (Kubuntu) was the choice for me. Kubuntu with kde3.5 is great, or.. was great.Than, the irreversible change was made. The big switch kde4 . Don`t get me wrong, but being used to 3.5 , 4.0 was not stable as all, at least not for me. i decided to give gnome a chance, and im glad i did. gnome is stable, easy, user friendly with some tweaks. But , the problems with linux, appear without any delays. first of all, the internet . Ubuntu is a linux who need internet. here, i don't have dsl like in college camp, and i use my bluetooth mobile to connect. in windows is simple.Just plug bluetooth, install drivers,little configuration on the way and finish. internet. but in linux.... the devil does not sleep bluetooth is installed, but to connect a device.. internet, tutorials.. i made it. alot of terminal, but i have internet. but, nope... not that simple. u see, firefox or other programs does not see the bluetooth connection ans says the PC is in off line mode. (ugly bug for me) after.. i have to install a proxy software, because i pay for wap, not INTERNET but your-freedom does the job.uau, that is a lot of writing. so let me now tell you why i wrote this. i wanna write a couple of bugs, to a couple of softwares, but i don't think bugzilla is the place.So here`s goes :
    WINE : the greatest bug for me in wine is : it does not run yahoo messenger. and here in romania, every one is using it. I installed linux to a couple of guys, but the lack of yahoo messenger made they to go back to windows. no, pidgin doesn't do the job here, they dont have web-cam and video support yet.i wait every release of WINE to see if they fix the bug.just than, romanians are gonna use alot more linux.
    PROXY Support in GNOME and KDE : like i just said, i use a bluetooth mobile and a proxy to connect to the INTERNET. maybe it is working on an ethernet but in my case is not.
    A Kernel bug: u know, when u copy a lot of files or unzip a file, the system becomes slow, very slow. and my pc it is fast. (maybe linus uses windows and does not know about this )
    and finally, a unimplemented function in X. after a program crash, the default resolution is not back in.
    Im waiting for the day that nouveau guys bring the driver to a useful state. i have Nvidia binary blob working great, but.. i just don't like having closed source on a open OS. nice work, ATI, INTEL and Nouveau guys.
    i read every day PHoronix news and watching the forum for discussions, and in my opinion it is the best linux site.
    sorry, i know this is not the site for this, but i know a lot of developers read this forum.
    my best regards to you all, the people who uses linux.
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