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New EEVDF Linux Scheduler Patches Make It Functionally "Complete"

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    Exactly. I think distributions should be better at providing such setups out of the box.


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      Originally posted by Britoid View Post
      I know there is third party implementations that do it, but imho it should be built into desktops that they somehow inform the scheduler of the current focussed application so that it can receive priority.
      I don't think it should only be the focused application, but anything running that the user experiences, ex: movie playing in the background may not be focused but may be heard or even visible if focused application is see-through.


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        Originally posted by Volta View Post

        BORE scheduler is wonderful for desktops, but I think it's possible to configure generic scheduler from user space to behave similar way. BORE was CFS and now EEVDF with some modifications btw.
        It's been since BORE has been rebased on top of EEVDF that it has become really, really good. I dare even say almost perfect on my 5900X. PRJC PDS/BMQ, MuQSS and CacULE had issues either with .1% FPS, frametime consistency or system responsiveness under full load the last time I tested them.