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Linux 6.8 To Drop SLAB While Delivering A SLUB Optimization: 34% Micro-Benchmark Win

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    Originally posted by bug77 View Post

    Makes you wonder whether SLEB and SLIB are already deprecated or just upcoming.
    Don't forget SLÜB and SLÖB in german suse distributions.


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      Originally posted by archkde View Post
      SLAB=slab (no idea why it started to be capitalized, original (?) allocator)
      "People" problems. First use of 'slab' as 'SLAB' outside of obvious preprocessor macros (CONFIG_SLAB) seems to be linux-2.1.23.


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        Am I the only one that has absolutely no idea what any of this means? lol


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          Originally posted by Kjell View Post
          Micro optimizations are awesome.

          It makes me wonder though, does Windows ever recieve such tweaks given its closed source?

          From my experience, package- and kernel updates in the Linux ecosystem usually improve my system and it'a noticeable, unlike Windows where it gets slower or breaks.
          I wonder if a lot of that Microsoft sluggishness is due to added DRM, licensing coding/enforcement, and a steady addition of tweeks & workarounds that support developers that refuse to stop using "secret" M$ API calls rather than documented M$ API calls.


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            Originally posted by WileEPyote View Post
            Am I the only one that has absolutely no idea what any of this means? lol
            previously there were different memory allocators to choose from. Going forward only the one that turned out to be best will remain. This simplifies the code and allows for optimizations.