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Another Look At The Bcachefs Performance on Linux 6.7

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    Originally posted by F.Ultra View Post

    a) yes they do, they have e.g different sensors for vibration and what not that does not exist on normal consumer grade hdds, one of the reason why the MTBF is so much higher on these than on the consumer versions.

    b) you do realise that this number indicates that they are fully aware that there is a chance that the same read does not return the exact same data every time? Now that is a very low chance (since again this is a server grade hdd) but it is still there and it is a number they have figured out what it is (since their other drivers have different numbers).

    c) data stored on hdds are via magnetic fields so unplugging the drive for 10-20 years have a high chance of altering that magnetic field. This is very simple physics. Not sure why you think constantly having to rewriting the whole partition is somehow a better solution than simply adding checksums ala zfs, btrfs and bachefs, but hey you do you.

    I have been driving a car for 31 years now and have never ever had a need for either a seatbelt nor an air-bag, going by your logic I should now rant on car forums that car crashes is a myth...
    a) For all magnetic disks it is very important to avoid too much vibration because vibration disturbs the very small air gap between platter and head and therefore results in very bad reliability of recording and playback,

    b) Of course the probability of an erroneous operation is very low for consumer and server grade disks. I would not rely on the numbers given because measuring it is very time consuming and costly. Just use self repairing Raid-1 and forget that kind of problem.

    c) Your statement regarding an effect of unplugging is just plain wrong. Yes, it is Physics and I hold a degree in experimental physics :-D

    I did not recommend "constantly having to rewriting the whole partition". But doing it once per a few years does bring the advantages I wrote.

    Your very last sentence is so plain silly that I won't answer any more to your posts.


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      Originally posted by sniglom View Post
      The introduction page says that the 64 core 7980x is running at 8.21GHz. That seems to be on the high side of things, 3.2GHz is more reasonable, typo?
      Indeed! Is this liquid nitrogen cooled or something? Michael, is that number real? If so, where is the article about your 8GHz accomplishment?