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systemd 255-rc1 Brings "Blue Screen of Death" Support & New Tool To Spawn VMs

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    Originally posted by Gusar View Post
    Nope, it's named that way to get a piss out of triggering people like you.
    lol, i mean, it's working


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      Originally posted by sharpjs View Post
      I just knew the responses were going to be hilarious. Enjoy being triggered, you wonderful few. I'll enjoy some new goodies, like the convenience key to reboot from systemd-boot.
      shhhh, just keep them suffering with their init system that take 3 years because use bash


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        Originally posted by Danny3 View Post

        Or to really push people like me on the "Systemd is a piece of shit!" bandwagon.
        But as always, Micosoft breaks and withers everything it touches!
        only you lol, not that's it's a bad thing, keep your opinion far from the working and reliable distros, go use devuan idk or freebsd


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          Originally posted by Brittle2 View Post

          oh nooo the boot error is blue we are all sold to microsoft nooooo
          edit: also there isn't any Lennart Poettering in the git history, so shut up
          Yay! fella fell for the trap. Triggered gets brittle - or is it: brittle gets triggered? - I'm not native English.

          But: Lennart Poettering not in the history of systemd ?? Do you know how to use git log?


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            I have a pro-tip for everyone who hates this: close your eyes! The error will still be there and your computer still won't work, but at least you won't have to see the colored screen telling you about it.