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Btrfs Enjoys More Performance With Linux 6.3 - Including Some 3~10x Speedups

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  • Originally posted by Berniyh View Post
    The main thing I was on about with my original statement is something different though.
    If BSD and Linux both try to achieve the same goal, here create an operating system, but BSD, for licensing reasons, can not as easily take code from Linux as Linux can take code from BSD, then it'll happen much more often on the BSD side, for pretty obvious reasons. Everything else would be a huge surprise.
    Add to that the fact that much more people are working on Linux and the bias will be even more off here.
    Thankfully for the BSD side, at least most of the KMS/DRM/X11 is compatible with BSDs license politics, so there they can focus on solving the technical issues in integrating that stuff.
    I can accept and agree with your arguments. Including about KMS/DRM/X11.
    People who develop for BSD seem to just take it as "necessary evil" and are seemingly okay with it. Or they would switch OS. My guess is, they are using BSD for rather other merits than license and aim to make up difference in parts they see worth in. Or actually see their code ending up in Linux somehow beneficial to BSD.