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Wine 8.1 Released - Now Exposed As "Windows 10" For New Prefixes

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    Originally posted by aviallon View Post

    Or Cognac
    Then they can use VS, VSOP, XO and Réserve de Famille as version numbers.


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      Originally posted by Developer12 View Post

      I wonder how that wine-like project for running macos stuff on linux is going actually?
      It's called Darling. Quite recently they made interesting change. They switched from kernel module approach to pure user space like Wine does. While kernel module can do much more things because it's not limited by Linux user space, it's not very convenient for user and in case of stability issue it can take down entire OS.


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        Originally posted by uid313 View Post
        Is it possible to select Windows 11 as an option for how Wine to present itself?

        What motivated the change for changing Wine from presenting itself as Windows 8.1 to Windows 10? Is there any criteria?
        Why doesn't it present itself as Windows 11 yet and what would be needed for it to do so?
        may be the support to the newly introduced APIs of windows 10 is almost complete or at least it is working with the most used applications