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Qualcomm USB Audio Offloading Patches Posted For The Mainline Linux Kernel

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  • marlock
    Yes, pointing out the exact issues with a commit is 99% more productive than calling names

    Linus can also be productive though. Even during his more colorful rants he's always at least very clear on why he's angry, and he's been toning down the posturing and keeping just the reasoning most times now.

    Unfortunately there is always a bunch of blood-thirsty commenters here talking about how this means he sold his soul to big corp, got soft, where is the good old linus, yada yada

    I do stand by the Nvidia birdie and a few other instances where he was a bit more performatic though... some people worked hard to earn their feedback by recurringly ignoring kernel development practices, and then it's that 1% where re-stating the rules just isn't enough.

    It's also worth pointing out that having your code denied entry and needing another turn to re-submit stuff in better shape is is enough of a setback for poor quality code now. A while back it might not have mattered so much, but now being able to mainline code in a timely fashion is a really big deal for a lot of companies.

    i guess Linux is a project that has reached organizational maturity over the years, and even Greg's existance as a frequent functional replacement to Linus is a product of that, just like the change in tone.
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  • EphemeralEft
    Where were the insults? Where was the condescending and dismissive attitude?

    Oh right, this was GKH and not Linus. This strikes me as so much more productive.

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  • Qualcomm USB Audio Offloading Patches Posted For The Mainline Linux Kernel

    Phoronix: Qualcomm USB Audio Offloading Patches Posted For The Mainline Linux Kernel

    Prior to the holiday weekend Qualcomm engineers posted a set of "request for comments" Linux kernel patches to implement USB audio offloading support for Qualcomm SoCs with a dedicated audio DSP...

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