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SLOB Allocator Being Deprecated With Linux 6.2

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  • SLOB Allocator Being Deprecated With Linux 6.2

    Phoronix: SLOB Allocator Being Deprecated With Linux 6.2

    Following the recent developer talk of looking to drop SLOB from the Linux kernel, this simple allocator is being deprecated come Linux 6.2...

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    I just know that the last 3 users of SLOB will show up in this thread so in order to nip that discussion in the bud:

    Have y'all ever heard the wrong word in a song to the point that you associate that word with the song? For the longest time I thought the lyrics were "I'm a lazy SLOB" and not "I'm a lazy SOD".


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      Actually, I'm more of a SLAB fan, in some circumstances. Specifically, SLUB held onto too many ext4_inode_cache entries after rsync where some files were accessed later. slub_max_order=2 helped but for one particular server where the cache wouldn't degrade I still favoured SLAB.


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        >I'm more of a SLAB fan
        In AU a slob would likely have a slab beside him while he was watching the ashes


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          Good riddance, that thing was such a mess anyway! Used this joke last time, but nobody "bit" so here I am again


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            I feel as if there are jokes being made here, but I'm missing them entirely.