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Linux 6.2 Begins Making Preparations For 800 Gbps Networking

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    Originally posted by NobodyXu View Post

    I can only select at best 720p without logging in.
    ‚ÄčInteresting, I can select up to 1080p in a Chromium incognito window. In Firefox, with private browsing, I can go up to 4K. WeirdTube. )


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      There are disputable benefits to making screen picture elements smaller, so that you need more transmission capacity to paint the same area; but improving the quality of video is still possible by increasing the colour gamut, and by increasing the refresh rate, both of which require more transmission capacity.

      Personally, I would wish that the refresh rate were increased, as current technology has difficulty representing fast-moving objects well - such as freshly-driven golf-balls, and footballs.


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        I can't believe some people are still arguing over the needs for tech to advance...
        "b-b-but who benefits from 8k?" Everyone. Even if you will never ever use 8k. Period.
        Ever heard of trickled down economy? we all know it does not work but it works incredibly well for technology and science in general.
        New advancement in video algorithms allow devs to deepen/broaden their knowledge, it allows hardware manufacturers to develop new and enhance factory processes, cable manufacturers are now forced to adapt too then intel creates thunderbolt and tb4 becomes usb4 and everyone benefits from this.
        All these new advancements unlock new ways to increment on existing tech and to develop new ones and this applies to every industry ever.
        advancement is required EVEN IF it does not translate to new consumer products, the engineers who worked on unknown tech now have deeper knowledge about their field and may use that knowledge elsewhere, even if it's another new field entirelly.
        you CANT predict progress, progress happens as people are experimenting things, I'm sure you don't need 1PB over fiber but maybe they developed new signal splitting techs ? new error correction algorithms? new asic? new drivers ? all this stuff can and will most likely end up in devices near you at some point as it's nearly always the case...
        don't forget that lots of things around your house were invented/discovered because two countries decided to do a peens competition to see who will walk on the moon first. It's childish, people died during the cold war and yet craptons of tech slided into your house thanks to it.