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Xen 3.4.0 Brings New Virtualization Features

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  • Xen 3.4.0 Brings New Virtualization Features

    Phoronix: Xen 3.4.0 Brings New Virtualization Features

    While the Kernel-based Vitual Machine (KVM), VMware, and VirtualBox have been generating most of the attention as of late when it comes to Linux virtualization, Xen is still alive and kicking. In fact, the Xen development team just announced the release of Xen 3.4.0.The key features introduced in Xen 3.4.0 include device pass-through improvements (notably with client devices), RAS features via CPU and memory off-lining, better power management, support for the Viridian (Hyper-V) enlightenment interface, and many x86 and IA64 enhancements and fixes...

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    Does anyone know how Xen fits in compared to XenServer?

    I mean, does Citrix use Xen as a beta for XenServer?

    That's my guess, but XenServer have many more features than Xen, so it must apparently only be for selected features?


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      2.6.18 Kernel

      They are still only providing Xen-3.4 with Linux kernel Or am I able to easily get a patch against current (or at least somewhat recent) kernel somewhere?

      If they are still sticking to 2.6.18 - I wonder how many people actually use/test Xen releases on newer hardware. If it was in sync with mainline it would get much more testing and wider acceptance.

      Perhaps I should check my distro repositories to see if they have a Xen 3.4 package built on recent mainline.