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Linux's Modern NTFS Driver Preparing A "hidedotfiles" Option

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    Originally posted by dragon321 View Post

    I don't think it's possible without adding some non standard (something that Windows wouldn't support) flags or something similar to partition itself. On Linux (and many Unix like as well) case insensitive support is part of filesystem itself, not user space. NTFS is internally case sensitive and act as case insensitive on Windows due to userland. Since user space on Linux doesn't really care if filesystem is case sensitive or not I don't think there is an easy way to copy Windows behavior. On ext4 case insensitive is implemented in file system and requires adding attribute to directory to make it case insensitive. On macOS you need to decide about that when you format partition and you can't change that after it or have both case sensitive and case insensitive directories on one partition.
    On the file system level it could also be done with a mount option. Sure, it's filesystem wide then, but since NTFS behaves (!) that way on Windows anyway, I guess it makes sense for shared drives.


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      Question - I don't suppose something like this "hidedotfiles" is also possible with fat32 and/or exfat (particularly with USB flash drives and such)?


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        No, no, and no. I absolutely do NOT want the goddam filesystem hiding files from me, ever.

        DEs already have a sane way to handle this if you're worried about newbies being confused by "What are all these weird files doing in my home directory?", but forcing everyone to alias ls to "ls -A" - which is the only possible outcome from this - is just utterly stupid.