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Blender 3.2 Debuts With AMD GPU Linux Rendering Support

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    Originally posted by aufkrawall View Post
    So consumers/creators are expected to install ROCm driver/runtime that ships with -pro driver package and this officially supports HIP and Blender with consumer RDNA1/2 products?
    Either that, or use a distribution that comes with ROCm / has packages. Fedora and ArchLinux from the top of my head.


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      Originally posted by oleid View Post

      Either that, or use a distribution that comes with ROCm / has packages. Fedora and ArchLinux from the top of my head.
      Debian based distros should follow "soon" - Cory Bloor just wrote a week ago:
      We need to make some adjustments to the packaging to support Ubuntu 22.04. Debian has begun packaging ROCm itself and there are now some package name conflicts between the rocm repo and the jamming repo. That's my fault. I was volunteering with Debian to help get proper OS packages for ROCm and I failed to notice that conflict when it was introduced.


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        Is there any technical/design reason this couldn't have been done with Vulkan? Most AMD GPU users don't have ROCm installed because it's otherwise useless. It's not too tough to get the runtime on Arch but...


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          Still waiting for vulkan support myself, rocm has been a pita to get working


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            A few days ago I've stumbled upon a Reddit post of someone who got it to work in Blender 3.1 with an RX 580.
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              It's rocm/hip, what did you expect? Your specific gpu to be supported? Only for enterprise or lucky selected gpus...


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                Originally posted by photom View Post

                AMD so far doesn't want to support APUs or older GPUs under Linux concerning OpenCL/ROCM/AMF etc.

                Your best place for information is the ROCm github issues page:

                summary: no roadmap / no support matrix / no apus / no old gpus - atm. they are creating some new deployment methods so that they can finally support Ubuntu 22.04 LTS
                Thank you, very useful!

                The closest I could come re. documentation of currently "supported" hardware is this PR, which has AMD's attention:

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                  Originally posted by photom View Post

                  That's true, AMD is working with the Blender devs to make that happen for some GPUs
                  Blender is pretty awesome software.

                  I'm sure anybody who uses it for more than tinkering gets value from a shiny new graphics card.

                  I'm sure I'm horribly wrong on this. But it feels like each new version breaks/drops support for whatever AMD graphics support was finally put into working order in the last version.


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                    I'm trying Ubuntu 22.04 out now, and I was expecting ROCm to be a PITA to install. I only needed rocm-opencl for OpenCL support so I'm not sure if any other ROCm package will have some dependency or other issue (there's talk in a Github ticket about 22.04 not being supported yet).

                    Here's how to get OpenCL working with ROCm on Ubuntu 22.04:

                    Add key:

                    wget -O '/tmp/rocm.gpg.key' '' && sudo mv '/tmp/rocm.gpg.key' '/etc/apt/trusted.gpg.d/rocm.asc' && sync
                    Add repo:

                    echo 'deb ubuntu main' | sudo tee '/etc/apt/sources.list.d/rocm.list' > '/dev/null' && cat '/etc/apt/sources.list.d/rocm.list'

                    sudo apt install 'rocm-opencl'
                    Permissions (change username and reboot):

                    sudo usermod --append --groups 'render,video' 'espionage724'
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                      ROCm is decent after you install it. The problem is the packaging of it, which unfortunatelly is a real mess, I know, I have been packaging it for Solus for 2 months.
                      But the good news is that clearly team from AMD has really focused on fixing all of the packaging problems in recent months, and when they manage to mostly fix it, it should be a good solution. But they need to fix it ASAP.
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