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Systemd 251 Released With systemd-sysupdate Introduced, Many Other Additions

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    Originally posted by oleid View Post

    Actually no, we are using Linux here in Spain.
    I envy that of Spain. In Argentina we're pretty much married to Microsoft. What's funnier is that many of those are pirated (yes, seriously, the same State that would allow Software Legal to prosecute companies for piracy commits piracy), so we have the extra backdoors and trojans that are likely to be shipped with fake activation mechanisms, now for random third parties.
    We do have our own distro for educational netbooks, but those ship a dual boot that obviously ends up becoming Windows with wasted disk space, no kid or teacher will boot Linux when having something they know (and that works) already installed.

    Originally posted by waxhead View Post
    PS! sinepgib : Did this answer your question too? I am concerned about the possibilities - not exactly what is possible or sensible right now.
    No, not really. I appreciate the openness to discuss it tho. It doesn't address it mostly because I don't really see a way for linking to be enough to make significant changes. I don't think you can get to that point without changing systemd's code, and at that point it's not simply linking but a derivative, and the GPL-like clauses of LGPL make it so that derivative needs to also be LGPL rather than proprietary. Remember, the main difference between GPL and LGPL is that the latter allows for (strictly) linking with proprietary code.
    Besides, if that were their intent, they'd probably go for using BSD's userspace with Linux instead, as that explicitly allows for closed derivatives. That's how Android attempts vendor lock-in, except for the kernel they try to use as much BSD/MIT licensed code as possible.


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      Originally posted by birdie View Post


      Lunatics are everywhere.
      • Pretty much all the governments in the world use Windows which means they are willingly leaking private info to Microsoft/the US government, right?
      • Pretty much all the intelligence agencies of the world use Windows which means they are willingly leaking state secrets to Microsoft/the US government, right?
      • Pretty much all the serious businesses of the world use Windows and MacOS (to a much less extent) which means they are willingly leaking trade secrets to Microsoft/the US government, right?
      • Windows leaking any info has not been conclusively proven even once during its entire lifetime. I mean you can have all the tools, sniffing, Wireshark, virtual machines, etc. Where are all the proofs??
      Ah, never mind.
      Pretty much what Edward Snowden revealed before he defected to Russia, handing everything over to them and the Chinese, yes.

      Most all businesses in the world do not let commercially valuable stuff on windows and whitelist all network activity for exactly those reasons.

      Well, Lockheed Martin did have the F35 plans on windows, but although the Chinese did get full copy I wouldnt call them commercially valuable.

      I cant say you made a good argument for Linux to embrace similar stupidity tho, which it sounds like you were trying to do.


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        I use systemd... but it really does seem to be metastasising into a monstrosity - I get the feeling that some of the jokes regarding, "What OS do you run?" "systemd!" won't be too far from the truth in a decade or so.


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          i like turtles


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            Originally posted by quaz0r View Post
            i like turtles
            Noble animals, monstrous dicks.