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The Worst Razer Mouse I've Tested In The Past 17 Years

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    I had a Razer DeathAdder Elite I just gave away. When plugged in with a Wacom it was crashing the input server 5 times a second and causing major issues -- it took some time to trace.

    Razer lost my vote (besides already shitty quality on their keyboards, price per dollar they were inferior to Ducky for example) -- I moved to Benq Zowie mouse -- a Taiwanese brand which has been really solid and boosted my FPS game too which is nice. Ordered a half dozen of them already.

    EC is good, FK is good for big hands. Sizes come in 1-3. Large (1), Medium (2), Small (3) (They have a outline to show the shape differentials -- particularly noteworthy is the height for large hands may be more comfy for some people)
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      Originally posted by sdack View Post
      Guy buys mice from the same manufacturer for 17 years, gets one bad mouse, makes an article about it, and goes on buying from the same manufacturer.

      Well, this may be the worst Razer mouse ever, but this test report or whatever this is may also be the worst Phoronix article in a while.
      Warning about a bad peripheral and sparking a conversation about mice once in a blue moon seems inside the site's scope. Also, I am getting the impression from multiple sources that Amazon + Essential(s) = 'cheap' and usually crap.

      Originally posted by dimko View Post
      You pay 20 bucks - that's what you get...
      I have a 20 dollar keyboard that has been working for years without issue. But inflation is an unfortunate thing, so I suspect you are now correct. In this case, Michael discovered that 35 dollars was the right number.


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        Favorite mice and keyboards is almost a religious argument.

        My favorite mouse is the ambidextrous (I'm lefty, but mouse both ways depending on which workstation I'm sitting at) SteelSeries Sensei-310. I reprogram/tweak *everything* on this mouse (turn off the silly LEDs, side-keys for page up/down and back/forward, tweak the speed and sensitivity, etc.). I have to fire-up a Windows machine to do it, then give SteelSeries a loud "Bronx Cheer" for no support to reprogram on Linux. These mice have never lasted more than a year, most often the wire at the mouse-end becomes intermittent. I currently have 2 "in stock" (already programmed) to swap out the dying ones.

        My second choice for mice is the old Microsoft Intelimouse Optical 1.1A. I still have 2 left that have worked ~perfectly for almost 20 years.

        As an aside, I'm experimenting with an Apple Magic TrackPad 2 on my Debian box. libinput-gestures + xdotool reminds me of what I used to like about Apple machines. (3-finger swipe: up=top_of_page, dn=bottom_of_page, left/right=back/forward, along with all the usual 2-finger scrolling). That all works well, almost as good as on a Mac.

        Similarly, my favorite keyboard is the "Logitech K740 Illuminated". I've tried the whole (expensive) Filco mechanical (usually MX-Browns with and without the o-ring mod), Rosewill mechanicals, etc.. The Cherry switches are wonderful, but after a week or so, the carpal tunnel pain starts. WRT keyboards, short-throw keys and soft "bottoming" seems to keep my wrists/forearms 'happy'. These also do not last very long for me (e.g., the one I'm typing on at the moment, the right-shift and "?/" key need a hard press to actuate), so I keep a couple "in stock".


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          The Razer Boomslang is the original. There was also a Viper and Diamondback before Copperhead.


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            Is there a mouse/keyboard brand that officially supports Linux and with Linux software available?


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              I forgot which model it was. I once used a wireless Razer mouse that had a detachable USB cord. I plugged it in to charge overnight. When I got up in the morning, it shocked the heck out of me and stopped working.


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                I propose that tech people should stop propose any non Optical Switches mouses and keyboards. Would you like to listen for a ball mouse?


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                  I have totally abandoned Razer when it comes to mice ... and as soon as I can their keyboards... The last Razer product I have in use is one of their keyboards and so far its actually worked out all right. That said their mice are absolute crap these days. I have tried two of their MMO mice over the years and neither of them lasted a year before the mouse buttons packed it in (and I dont even play MMOs!).

                  I am back to Logitech (G600) and Corsair (Dark Core wireless). So far these have proven to be quite bullet proof and reasonably linux compatible!


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                    Michael, for the amount you use your computer, you should treat yourself to the high-end with the Logitech G903 with PowerPlay charging system. A wireless mouse that can charge anywhere on the pad and has no perceivable lag compared to wired, even when gaming competitively.


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                      I have A4Tech ZL50 Bloody Sniper (around $25 in 2019) laser mouse, and recommend it as well. The only defect is that the mouse paint wears off over time.