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    Citation needed. It says "political reasons" but doesn't cite anything.


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      Originally posted by skeevy420 View Post

      How many of y'all were running Windows 2000, fired up a Longhorn beta, and thought to yourself, "If that's the future I'm jumping ship" and OS hopped until you found Linux?
      What didn't you like specifically in Longhorn?


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        Originally posted by Etherman View Post
        I installed a system on reiserfs root yesterday! 😀 A VM with Funtoo, for fun. I didn't notice any problems.

        Hope someone makes a reiserfs-fuse-thing before it disappears from kernel so old filesystems can be accessed.
        Why is maintaining in-kernel and FUSE versions of each file system difficult enough that it is not common practice? Just how different are the interfaces exposed by the kernel and by FUSE?

        I wish there were FUSE versions for all file systems supported by Linux. And if one gets deprecated in the kernel, it gets maintained in userspace, with the associated performance degradation, but the data on existing drives is still accessible.


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          Originally posted by user1 View Post

          What didn't you like specifically in Longhorn?
          The overall look. How the desktop became more and more in my face instead of out of the way. It was also very blue. In regards to minimalist desktop computing Win2K was one of the best environments ever. To take that base and add so much fluff on top with no way to disable it just sucked if you didn't want all the extra fluff. Since I wasn't really a computer gamer back then and didn't really depend on anything outside of media players and web browsers it was really easy to change operating systems.

          What's funny is that overall blue look that Longhorn and XP had is also what scared me off from KDE 4 way back when Debian Testing got the first update of Gedit with Headerbars and CSD -- talk about a rude awakening. That's the day I started reading more and more Linux-targeted news. I was prepared for the next "Oh Crap" moment -- XFCE was on its last GTK2 release. I went to Plasma 5 since I had good experiences with XFCE+KWin for nifty effects. I've been on KDE Plasma ever 8 years now.

          In retrospect I also find it really funny that my current Plasma desktop looks like what Longhorn or XP could have been if I would have been able to turn off the stuff I didn't want.


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            Originally posted by GI_Jack View Post
            Especially not after one named after a dude who murdered his wife.
            I wonder if it takes such people to push forward big things, society pushes people to be average, like using bad programming languages and concepts like Java/C# and OOP or now Python, why so that you can replace people easier when each retard and herd follower does the exactly same it's easier to replace them, even if the resulting products are 100 times worse, it does not matter you can put it throw 100 times as much people onte the problem, developers are very cheap for what they do (replace the work of thousends or more permanently often). People even like the guy behind the Python language also cut down his social live totally when creating the language.
            So you have to be either asocial, slightly autistic or something and know that every person on the planet fights against you if you try to do something great.

            And it's similar in business there you also have this psychopaths, it's just that if they murder 100 people with some business transaction about weapons or food, this murder acts are somehow legalized. Steve Ballmer and Steve Jobs are also not really considered neurologically totally normal, Ballmer is at least a colerical person and Jobs was a narcicist and probably a sociopath.

            I don't think perfectly mentally healthy people can do something great in computer science. Ohh we can even go further, Elon Mask has clearly some personality disorder(s), genious or just the will to not be average and crazyness is very close.


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              Originally posted by DanL View Post
              Good riddance. It had its time and place for technical reasons, but that's long gone. Time to move on...
              What's the replacement for Maildir (tens of thousands of files all in one directory) situations? I still use ReiserFS today (though admittedly in machines that were set up long ago) because it easily outperformed everything else, and by rather shocking amounts. I'm not against modernizing but I'd like something at least vaguely in its league.

              (I mean "classic" ReiserFS, version 3.something; don't care about 4/5.)


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                Originally posted by tildearrow View Post
                Aaaaaand like always, the Reiser thread somehow required a post about murder.
                It always stops any discussion about the file-system.

                Even the mail thread states:

                ...but of course, every ReiserFS discussion here inevitably ends like this...
                It's a celebrated and time-honored tradition at this point.


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                  Originally posted by lyamc View Post
                  I remember doing file system comparisons when I was first getting into Linux, and reiserfs was one of the standouts at the time. Jeez I feel old.

                  Yeah, Human Resources are the worst
                  I used to run reiser3 .... ext2/3 sucked compared to it usability wise. Especially when you had to sit through fsck at boot for the others.

                  It also handles folders like the lots of many small files portage tree on Gentoo quite well.


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                    While I don't really see the appeal of ReiserFS (not that I did any research anyway) and I wouldn't use it in new storage, block device interfaces (and only the standard interfaces) and filesystems are pretty much the only feature that I'd advice to never drop from an OS, mostly because of preservation. That said, if a FUSE implementation comes up, you don't really crave the performance for that edge case, so you can drop it from the kernel in particular.


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                      Originally posted by fagnerln View Post
                      What happens if the system still runs ReiserFS and then someone upgrades the kernel?
                      libguestfs, a VM, or a live distro could help you get the data out.