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Linux 5.16-rc8 Is A Tiny Holiday Release

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  • Linux 5.16-rc8 Is A Tiny Holiday Release

    Phoronix: Linux 5.16-rc8 Is A Tiny Holiday Release

    Linux 5.16-rc8 is out today as a tiny holiday test candidate. If it weren't for the holidays, Linus Torvalds would have released the Linux 5.16 kernel today as stable but instead opted for an extra week of post-holiday testing...

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    Just to note with regards to Alder Lake and 5.16 - I have been doing some testing on openSUSE Tumbleweed - and currently (with RC8) I am not seeing the large regression shown at the start the start of the 5.16 release cycle - see

    I would add, the motherboard BIOS (MSI) was updated in early December and the microcode version for the i9 12900 is now 0x15.


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      I think the fix for the scheduling regression landed in 5.16RC5.