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ThinkPad ACPI Driver Picking Up New Features With Linux 5.17

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    Hope they sort out all the problems that are plaguing the last T14s and L14s with linux..


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      Originally posted by uid313 View Post
      Lenovo uses fwupd/LVFS which is really nice!
      But so does Dell, and I think Dell probably is the best choice for a Linux laptop. That or system76.
      You forget Framework. We benefit from increasingly good choices. Lenovo has a big advantage for me: I live in Australia, a country where System 76 and Framework aren't sold,. I have next day onsite Lenovo support for my ThinkPad, and also in Indonesia, NZ and many other countries in the region.
      The icing on the cake is official Linux support by Lenovo for some of their ThinkPads. They made vendors move to open source (e.g. the fingerprint scanners). You can pose a question and get a fast answer from a Lenovo team that co-ordinates Linux support across all the different internal teams that go to make a ThinkPad.
      I would be ok buying Dell, to be honest. I just got used to ThinkPads when I lefts macs, and there is an element of sticking with something which is very good. Framework interests me the most.