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"pkill_on_warn" Proposed For Killing Linux Processes That Cause A Kernel Warning

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    Added the pkill on warning patch to my kernel build script if anyone needs. (sorry if I'm being annoying).

    Don't forget: requires "pkill_on_warn=1" boot parameter.

    Haven't experimented yet with it, but I like the idea of it and hopefully I'll never have to use it ; )


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      Originally posted by partcyborg View Post

      /dev/kmsg (Linux kernel log buffer) permissions come from udev like everything else in that filesystem. From memory distros are fairly split on the world readable bit out of the box, but it's not like this is impossible or even slightly difficult to change.
      Why are they split on the default requiring a privileged user?

      I mean, I'd think maybe it's nice that you can change it easily, but why would you want to allow unprivileged users access to the kernel logs by default?

      There are so many things to take care of to make your system safe, why add another one?

      Originally posted by partcyborg View Post
      One thing that continues to sadden me about much of the wider modern Linux community these days is this pervasive attitude that distro configuration defaults are somehow gospel and/or unchangeable. I think this attitude has either stemmed from or is the result of the fact that there are now hundreds (if not more) of distributions out there.

      Just feels like a big part of why I think open source and unix is great is getting lost...
      I don't see what that has to do with my post...I just don't think that's a good default to allow unprivileged access.


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        ...and, regarding /dev/kmsg, I am glad to see that both distros I use right now require sudo for access.