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Linux 5.15 Lands Memcg Performance Regression Fix

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  • Linux 5.15 Lands Memcg Performance Regression Fix

    Phoronix: Linux 5.15 Lands Memcg Performance Regression Fix

    As a follow-up to A Fix Is Pending For That Linux 5.15 Performance Regression, Linus Torvalds decided to pull the fix directly into Linux 5.15 Git today for addressing this real-world, measurable performance regression...

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    Not to keep celebrating it, but I find this whole thing very motivating, thanks MIchael.

    We caught something pretty significant early on (-rc2) because of your due dilligence and as tildearrow aptly put it "hawk eye" because I'm not sure many people would've caught that or were looking for memcg. But not only that, the developer *improved* on the original implementation. Just a stellar win all across.

    It's hard to say later on if we would have caught this particular bug with a bisect, it's possible. I know i saw pts/osbench show the regression, but still, you bisected, did the benchmarks, and did everything to make this happen. And again, we might have not got the better implementation.

    Anyway, I hope some people contributed today with donations because it's making their life better no doubt. Faster desktop,, less wasted energy, it has a ripple effect. (silly, but true also)