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The PREEMPT_RT Locking Code Is Merged For Linux 5.15

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    Originally posted by uid313 View Post

    Nice to see it is in Debian. I hope it is also in other distributions, or that it will come to other distributions.
    Unfortunately it is not in Ubuntu, but hopefully that changes soon.
    It seems for Arch you need to install from AUR (or build it yourself, but that's impractical):

    EDIT: I mean, it's technically building it yourself too, but you don't need to manually create a config, which is the actually impractical part, the build will just happen without interaction.


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      If someone is interested what all of this "real time" stuff is actually about, here is an LWN article from October last year:

      One key quote:

      "He noted that a lot of people mistakenly think that all tasks in a realtime system are realtime, while most of them are not."