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Linux 5.14 Released With New Hardware Support, Core Scheduling, MEMFD_SECRET

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  • Linux 5.14 Released With New Hardware Support, Core Scheduling, MEMFD_SECRET

    Phoronix: Linux 5.14 Released With New Hardware Support, Core Scheduling, MEMFD_SECRET

    As expected Linus Torvalds promoted Linux 5.14 to stable in providing the latest features, hardware support, and other improvements ahead of the autumn 2021 Linux distribution releases...

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    I wonder why is the article about Linux's 30th anniversary missing...


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      Originally posted by Linus Torvalds
      So I realize you must all still be busy with all the galas and fancy
      balls and all the other 30th anniversary events, but at some point you
      must be getting tired of the constant glitz, the fireworks, and the
      champagne. That ball gown or tailcoat isn't the most comfortable
      thing, either. The celebrations will go on for a few more weeks yet,
      but you all may just need a breather from them.

      And when that happens, I have just the thing for you - a new kernel
      release to test and enjoy. Because 5.14 is out there, just waiting for
      you to kick the tires and remind yourself what all the festivities are

      Of course, the poor tireless kernel maintainers won't have time for
      the festivities, because for them, this just means that the merge
      window will start tomorrow. We have another 30 years to look forward
      to, after all. But for the rest of you, take a breather, build a
      kernel, test it out, and then you can go back to the seemingly endless
      party that I'm sure you just crawled out of.

      Funny guy, that Linus. We don't deserve him. Protect that man at all costs.


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        Can't wait to test out that AMDGPU hot unplugging for KVM/VFIO!


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          Beautiful people, I ran some benchmarks comparing my kernel with different versions: 5.4 vs 5.14 vs 5.13 vs 5.4.0-84 Ubuntu LTS stock kernel.

          Here are the results:

          All were ran right after each other, fresh reboot, no background processes running.

          Good news is that the new 5.14 is definitely looking to be faster than 5.13 from just the five benchmarks I ran above.

          But the 5.4 LTS kernel looks to still be the clear winner. Telling you guys, that kernel is lightening fast. And with all the patches on top, not sacrificing on many new features, so it depends on your use cases.

          Last place is obviously the untweaked compiled stock ubuntu 5.4.0-84 kernel. The kernel build script is available on my github (latest commit adding 5.14 support here). Even if you're not on Ubuntu, 90% of the script is usable. And no backdoors, I promise. (but you still shouldn't take my word for it. Do way better).

          Anyways, I'll leave the real benchmarking to the pros, aka Michael. Cheers all. Start compiling.