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XanMod, Liquorix Kernels Offer Some Advantages On AMD Ryzen 5 Notebook

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    Sorry to blow up the thread. Made some more changes if anyone is interested in the script. You can probably gut the thing and tweak it to your liking if you're on Arch, Gentoo, Fedora, OpenSUSE, Pop! OS, Debian, you name it. The patches is where the good stuff is, the rest is up to you, I just happened to be on Ubuntu.

    Quick link to the script

    Added this commit with 5.10 support and some instructions on getting different flavors like 5.4 LTS, 5.10 LTS, and 5.13 going. Can't really mess anything up so just experiment as much as you want. I'll get a readme going soon but at least this commit message has enough to get going. Cheers


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      Something I think I've noticed about the CacULE version of Xanmod vs stable or edge after recently giving it a spin on two systems:

      On older Intel system (no HT) the system clock keeps stable time.

      On one-year-old 4000-series 8-core Ryzen APU (overclocked RAM but extremely stable) the system clock occasionally lagged using the "mainline" stable or edge Xanmod spins, but since switching to CacULE the time lags have become drastic. The other day I experienced a 6-minute lag, and just moments ago, after resetting time again in the morning, I watched a 1½ hour conference video on youtube and at the end noticed I was over 30 seconds behind again.

      I did have minor time lags with the "standard" Xanmod releases, but it would seem that the problem is exacerbated with the CacULE version.

      My uneducated hunch is that the clock lag has something to do with stress on the GPU part of the APU. I might have to fire up Steam and this time pay attention to the various forms of time waste...

      Otherwise I've been very happy with Xanmod releases though.
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