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Sony Proposes A New Soft Watchdog For Linux

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    Originally posted by mdedetrich View Post

    A lot of the traditional finance sector uses Unix machines or their variants still, especially for mainframes.
    Yes, I have seen lots of big metal Unix, zero BSD though.


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      Originally posted by kuco View Post
      Jesus christ, this forum is becoming unusable. It's almost as bad as Youtube-comments. "Xbox is better than Playstation, Linux is better than BSD, my license is better than your license, my Linux is better than your Linux, my window manager is better than your window manager". I feel like im surrounded by little kids fighting over pointless shit (real life and online).
      Why do you think that discussions of free and open source software on a forum about free and open source software is "pointless shit"?
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        Originally posted by trasz View Post

        So, yeah, you also don't understand how Open Source works in general. Nothing wrong with that, everyone was a clueless newbie at some point :-)
        It seems it will be your only point to the end. The real point was the only things that keep bsd alive are things outside BSD. Sad truth.

        Also, it's worth mentioning that despite not using RCU (which was patent-encumbered and thus couldn't be used by Open Source software, except where licensed by IBM), FreeBSD performance was generally close to that of Linux. Which suggests there's still a lot of room for improvement, as opposed to Linux, which is already as optimized as it can without some major (and thus unlikely) changes.
        What's worth mentioning RCU plays a huge role in huge systems where BSD simply doesn't exist, because it's scalability was laughable. Remind when it got SMP support? :> However, there's one thing I agree. BSD is light years behind Linux, so there's a lot room for improvement.
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