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Btrfs Will Finally "Strongly Discourage" You When Creating RAID5 / RAID6 Arrays

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    Originally posted by cynic View Post

    indeed, the naming might be misleading. I'd call RAID++ since it is way better than classic RAID
    I would rather have preferred something simple such as B-RAID or similar to distinguish it enough from regular RAID.
    People tend to forget that BTRFS "RAID" really is quite different from regular RAID. For example "RAID10" in BTRFS can use all storage devices , perhaps 24 of them - but if you run out of space on some of the devices it will continue to work for as long as it can utilize 4 disks, and "RAID1" gives you much better storage utilization (but potentially less speed depending on your workload) than regular RAID1. In my opinion BTRFS should never have used the RAID term , or at least put a MAJOR warning to let users understand that BTRFS behavies quite differently than what they may be used to.