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Linux 5.11 Released With Intel Integer Scaling, AMD Performance Boost, RTX 30 KMS

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    Originally posted by reba View Post
    As a Debian user I also get flak ("SJW", "Why not Gentoo, Arch or NixOS? They're so much nerdier" - yes they are, I'm just too dumb and too lazy) and as a vivid fan of KDE even more...
    how is that level of retrocomputing not the nerdier option? it's like using Windows 98 or a Commodore 64.


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      Originally posted by hotaru View Post

      how is that level of retrocomputing not the nerdier option? it's like using Windows 98 or a Commodore 64.
      Well, you got me there

      I prefer the look of Windows 9x (bare bones but very good readability and with a quick glimpse you "get" how the UI is working, how the elements are arranged and nested) over the look of XP (too childish and big) and massively over Windows 10 (no clear indication of buttons, labels, areas or even the extents of whole windows).
      I also prefer true menus to hamburger menus or these terrible, terrible ribbon menus.

      Yeah, I'm so oldschool I experienced Amiga's bootsector intros first-hand and my dad put a hardware switch on the backside to select either Kickstart 1.2 or Kickstart 1.3. I wonder if our '83 Commodore 1541 (rainbow logo and spring load) still works...
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        perpetually high

        apt-cache policy virtualbox-6.1
        Installed: 6.1.18-142142~Ubuntu~eoan
        Candidate: 6.1.18-142142~Ubuntu~eoan
        Version table:
        *** 6.1.18-142142~Ubuntu~eoan 500
        500 focal/contrib amd64 Packages
        100 /var/lib/dpkg/status
        cat /etc/apt/sources.list.d/virtualbox.list
        # Virtualbox
        deb [arch=amd64] focal contrib
        This is what i currently use for Ubuntu 20.04 and linux-5.10.16 kernel.

        Ubuntu 20.04 is currently at 6.1.16, from the changelog i think this has "ubuntu patches" so that it currently works with 5.10.x ref.
        2020-12-04 - Gianfranco Costamagna <[email protected]> virtualbox (6.1.16-dfsg-6) unstable; urgency=medium * debian/patches/linux-5.10-r0drv-memobj-fix-r0.patch: - upstream-proposed patch to fix a build failure with linux 5.10 (LP: #1903741)


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          Hey, thanks for taking the time to share that. I just tried again from that apt repository (using both virtualbox and virtualbox-6.1 packages) and still no go.

          I even tried the latest 5.10.17 from to remove my custom kernel from the equation and still no go. Really not sure why it's working for some, but I appreciate again you sharing the info. Cheers to you, reba and hotaru for your input on the vbox situation. I'll just wait it out for now and stay with 5.4, and skip 5.10 altogether and wait for 5.11 support.


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            perpetually high
            Could you perhaps take a look at and see if any of those patches are NOT included in your 6.1.18 version?

            The kernel driver source is (for me on Ubuntu) located in
            other distro's might have different placements of the source tho.

            I also patched the 6.1.18 vbox netdriver so for me it now works with linux-5.11 aswell - Ref.


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              Guys, apologies are in order! reba hotaru Cybmax

              It was, in fact, an Ubuntu problem. (in addition to using kernel 5.10+)

              I went into the log file and started digging around and came across this GitHub thread unrelated to VirtualBox.

              Big thanks to this dude:

              And sure enough, it worked on 5.10 and 5.11 after I did this

              $ sudo su
              $ wget -O /usr/src/linux-headers-5.11.10-051110+custom-generic/scripts/
              $ sed -i '$ d' /usr/src/linux-headers-5.11.10-051110+custom-generic/scripts/
              $ /sbin/vboxconfig
              $ exit

              For those on Ubuntu, the above is what I used for my custom 5.11 build, if you're on Ubuntu and would like to use VirtualBox with kernel 5.10 or higher, use uname -a to find out your current kernel version and replace it with the above. This may be fixed in a future version of Ubuntu, but this is as of March 2021 using Ubuntu 20.04.2

              EDIT: looks like as of April 7, the from torvalds/master now has the following conditional block that breaks it:

              #ifdef CONFIG_LTO_CLANG

              Removing the above two lines only lets the code in the conditional block execute, allowing VirtualBox to build again. I bet more people aren't running into this problem since most aren't running a custom kernel on 20.04, which comes with 5.4. But for those that are running 5.10+ higher, this is how you get VirtualBox to work. To minimize the effort involved, just keep a good copy of (without the two lines above) and automate it with a script to drop it in /usr/src/linux-headers-your-version/scripts/ after you build your kernel. Lotta effort I know, but worth it because 20.04 LTS is solid for a daily driver. Hope this helps someone.
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                Originally posted by perpetually high View Post
                It was, in fact, an Ubuntu problem. (in addition to using kernel 5.10+)
                Great to hear you got it working!