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Mozilla Announces "Open Web Docs" Following Last Year's Layoffs

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  • qarium
    Originally posted by pal666 View Post
    you are still confusing socialism with democracy. in democracy majority dictates everything. in socialism you can't have private means of production. and btw average socialist country is not democracy, but controlled by terrorist gang who dictates everything
    yes you are right. it is insanity that people want marxism/spcialism.

    my grandfather who was friend with Erwin Rommel and his son Manfred Rommel helped to kill 32 million Russian Communits. and they did it by Democratically elect Adolf Hitler.

    the soviet leaders instead like stalin was never elected in any democratic election.

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  • qarium
    Originally posted by kvuj View Post
    But socialism is social ownership of the means of production. Not anarchy.
    From wikipedia:
    Taking control of such means automatically requires being able to modify the source code to your liking.
    Unless I'm misunderstanding the situation, in which case please correct me. I'd rather bend my pride and learn instead of being a proud idiot.
    you have misunderstanding in a very simple point: in socialst driven software world you would not have to pay for the code as a customer or if you want to start develop on existing code.

    but in FLOSS world you have to buy the source code and this means capitalism.

    yes you can not only buy the source code from the orginal developer but you can buy the source code from any customer of the orginal source code to thats right but you have to buy the source code.

    so do not mix FLOSS with public code... yes many projects are FLOSS+public code

    like the linux kernel you can buy the linux kernel source code but you can also get it from public source.

    but FLOSS does not FORCE the developers or customers of the code to put it on public for free.

    the only FLOSS like licence who force you to put it in public to download is the: SSPL....

    the SSPL force any customer to also put it in public for free...

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  • qarium
    Originally posted by Quackdoc View Post
    The idea that germany, sweden, or really any country that has a free market is socialist is absurd.
    But not nearly as absurd as equation FLOSS to socialism. imagine if an open source project was subject to control by the masses. they aren't, forking them IS NOT the same thing.
    I can just imagine it now, the kernel's choices being made by popular demand instead of people who actually know what they are doing.
    ​​​​​​Sociallism requires something to be regulated by the community. which means popular vote. Not only do you suppress minorities. but you supress free development.
    Marxism is just a subset of socialism where the community is restricted to the government. if you can start your own business, hire qualified people of your descretion, spoiler alert you have capitalism, not socialism.
    EDIT: No free market should be completely uninhibited, restrictions against things like monopolies are a good thing. but its still fundementally capitalism.
    Do not mistake social programs, with socialism. they sound the same but they are not the same
    Holy shit you are the first person in this topic who has any Political Education.
    you are right to call germany/sweden a socialist dreamland is complete absurd nonsense.
    also you are right to claim FLOSS is socialism is also complete absurd nonsense.
    and you are right nearly all FLOSS projects like the kernel are not Democratic and not socialistic.
    also you are right that the social progams in germany and sweden IS NOT Marxism/socialism.

    they have in fact Corporatism style of government and they have social progams to take care of the poor but this does not mean that they do not have free market.

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  • qarium
    Originally posted by marios View Post

    I do not understand, do you support the parasites, or the Marxist/socialists? The later fight for a world without parasites, you cant hate both or support both...

    PS. Yes I know, I should not be writing this in a tech forum, but I did not start this discussion.
    so you think there is capitalism and marxism/socialism...

    all modern states are not capitalism and not marxism/socialism they are corporatism the thing what the nazis did in 1933-1945.

    but FLOSS is not marxism/socialism it is also not Corporatism it is some kind of Voluntarism based alliance between the customers and the engineers to cut out the middle man with the name "Managment"

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  • qarium
    Originally posted by creoflux View Post

    80% discount was too much to commit to for people and their families... so some people have to have experience a 100% discount (layoffs)?
    it is better for fork it and remove all "Managment" people from the project and only real developers should have the right to stay.

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  • qarium
    Originally posted by kvuj View Post
    Let's not forget that open source is the embodiment of socialism. Arguing against that means you want us to only use closed source software? No thank you.
    Also how is being against racism and police brutality linked in any way to the mismanagement of a corporation?
    wrong FLOSS does not mean socialism. socialism means the government owns all and you as privat person you own nothing also socialism means planned economy but all this is not the case for FLOSS software
    you are free to sell FLOSS software it means capitalism you can also modify it and also sell it also capitalism.
    if you produce it and sell it to a customer you do not even have to release it in public if your customer also does not release it in public then it is not free beer for all.

    so your idea that GNU/GPL software means socialism is complete bullshit.

    in a real communist system like china you can not even enforce the license because government claims you have no copyright and government owns it all for free.

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  • qarium
    LOL thats funny i am german and you want to tell me that germany is socialist dreamland.

    all you said is plain wrong. first of all Marxist/Socialist system is NOT "Democratic"
    also Marxist/Socialist is not "Free Market"
    Marxist/socialist is Authoritarian dictatorship and instead of free market you have planned economy .
    this is called "statism or etatism"

    our system is not based on Socialism our system is based on Corporatism
    and Corporatism is historical based on the National-Socialism (1933-1945) system a corporation between big corporations and the government.
    also modern people do no longt know that National-Socialism is not National-Marxism it is complete different idelogy and it is not Statism/etatism instead it is Corporatism.

    "Including Germany, your place - mostly countries with more or less a system based on socialism. I know, denied by right-wing extremists."

    the right wing extremists you call are just more educated that people like you we know the difference between Socialism and Corporatism our social market economy in germany is based on Corporatism and not Socialism.

    "Do you (want to) know where the most happy people live"

    you just believe media propaganda i life in germany and i am german and i do not know any happy person not a single one.

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  • thedukesd
    Same model as AMD. We can't do it we just pray that the community will do it for us for free.

    I dislike this model because it's not the small contributor that is gaining much while the company is gaining more.

    And same as AMD they act retarded when u report a bug so no thanks they don't deserve any help.

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  • extremesquared
    I'm a little surprised that the developers are sticking around at all after last month's shenanigans. The public Mozilla blog devolved into directly opposing messages from engineering and management regarding privacy goals. On the same page.

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  • Quackdoc
    Originally posted by board View Post

    It seems like a lot has to do with mismanagement of resources, but not just the kind that you mentioned:
    I wouldn't have an issue with her salary if it were warrented. she is a leech, dont get me wrong. but mozilla has time and time again tried and failed at developing other sources of income, while neglecting their primary one.

    Firefox used to be a truly great web browser, but now it's a relic of what it used to be. the main reason is not enough developers are being tasked for it. their are many small tasks, features that need to be implemented, bugs that need squashed etc.

    considering the ammount of time they put into developing in some cases retarded other projects, its clear they have the man power to some degree, or the funding to make changes to do so.

    I get trying to diversify income, but it should never be done at expense of their main product which is Firefox.

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