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"NTFS3" Linux Driver Spun Up An 11th Time With More Optimizations

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    Originally posted by phoronix View Post
    Phoronix: "NTFS3" Linux Driver Spun Up An 11th Time With More Optimizations

    It's looking like Paragon Software's "NTFS3" read-write Linux driver for Microsoft's NTFS file-system is on a trajectory where we could see it land possibly with the Linux 5.11 kernel kicking off at year's end. Friday marked the eleventh iteration of these patches that Paragon previously offered to commercial customers but is now in the process of being upstreamed...
    Version 12 is out:


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      Originally posted by pal666 View Post
      so you could steal it?
      without working as a door for stealing your code? how is it a bad thing?
      If It'S nOt gPl it's ThEFT!


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        I was able build NTFS3 as a dkms module and give it try.
        One major annoyance is that symbolic links created with NTFS-3G or NTFS3 are not compatible with each other.
        Also, symbolic links created with NTFS3 or NTFS-3G didn't work on Windows 10. But symbolic links created in Windows 10 with "mklink /D" do work on Linux both with NTFS-3G and NTFS3. Weird. I think this should be fixed.
        Also, I got my NTFS partiton corrupted twice while mounted with NTFS3, trying to run a heavy game on Steam (Life is Feudal MMO). I could repair it using the disk tool from Windows 10.
        I don't think this is ready for production.