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Google Is Still Striving To Upstream Incremental FS In Linux

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    Originally posted by eydee View Post
    Why is it always Google? I wanna see DuckDuckGo start contributing, so we can praise them too.
    DuckDuckGo does not develop a smartphone OS and probably never will


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      Originally posted by muncrief View Post

      This seems like an incredibly complicated solution, prone to myriads of problems and errors, to solve a minor annoyance.

      I can't help but think that, depending upon the actual file download speed and fragments received, that all of these special tracking and deferment operations could quickly evolve into an incalculable mess, with a high likelihood of extensive delays and even lockups.

      Don't get me wrong, it's not that I think it's impossible. Just that it's so complex and rife with unforeseen scenarios that it seems it would take a very long time to actually be proved stable and reliable.

      In fact by the time it was Internet speeds might be so fast that the whole point of the exercise could be moot.
      Anything coming from Android has been out-of-tree for years already, I guess they have ironed out a lot of issues.