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OpenZFS File-System Merges Support For Using Zstd Compression

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    Originally posted by WorBlux View Post
    Looks like the only ZNS drive you can get right now supports Open Channel 2.0 as well.
    Open Channel 2.0 is 2018 and ZNS is 2020.

    Originally posted by WorBlux View Post
    Anyways this whole discussion if probably far beyond the level of detail that most people are going to care about. I'll just agree that at first approximation that ZNS=Open Channel, with the caveat that any ZNS drive actually in the consumer space is likely not going to have the full feature set enterprise ZNS drives will have.
    ZNS drivers we are going to see different types.

    Consumer ZNS drives could be full featured ZNS controllers. The big different between consumer space and enterprise space is the grade of flash and the capacities..

    With current day SSD we have seen SSD appear with "Host Memory Buffer (HMB)" because getting ram can be hard. Same with getting controllers. Last thing a maker of flash drives want to have happen is have a stack of flash land and have no way to make it into drives to sell.

    Remember not all enterprise drives will be requiring more features than consumers want. So consumer drives always end up in enterprise costs compare.
    It fun when you look at this document from over 12 months go with radians old description diagram for Symphonic then look at there new diagram for ZNS

    Same diagram with a few words changed yes Symphonic was 100 percent enterprise targeted thing. The reality is radian memory first generation has legacy support with Open Channel 2.0 and Symphonic for existing customers. Going forwards we can expect Open Channel 2.0 and Symphonic implementations to disappear out of usage replaced by ZNS stuff.

    Something dm-zoned could be implemented in Windows as like a raid driver without needing to modify windows core would make installing windows a pain in the ass. Its not like intel and others have not written custom wacky raid controllers for windows before.


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      "zstd-fast" is not a zstd flag, but --fast=X is.