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Paragon Looks To Mainline Their NTFS Read-Write Driver To The Mainline Linux Kernel

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    Originally posted by kpedersen View Post
    This is good news. What is in it for Paragon out of interest?

    They sell a Mac version but did they not also sell a Linux build + support?
    Maybe they think that microsoft is going to submit their own driver so they decided to submit theirs to get some good publicity.


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      I hope that from now on the creation date will not be missing anymore when reading and writing to a NTFS partition.


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        Originally posted by pininety View Post

        What are you even talking about? SMTP is the protocol any Mail client sends email by, isn't it? Any email provider what allows for external mail clients has to allow. And you are saying you needed to go through 4 email providers to find one that uses it? Sounds more like aconfiguration issue on your part to me to be honest.
        Yes, but not exactly. Sites like gmail have interface for SMTP, that you can configure in git. And if gmail works fine, then git will be able to send the mail trough your gmail. But at the time, this SMTP interface was broken, and nobody was able to use it. Just search for this: "google smtp bug report" and you will find some issues with their SMTP interface...

        The nex two "gmail like" free mail sites I have tried was also provided this SMTP interface, but not withouth paying for it. Then Zohomail was the solution, they have a working and free to use SMTP interface.


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          Originally posted by Nille View Post

          thanks captain obvious. But that's won't fix the problem.

          And i'm not. So what now? Is it a excuse for a crappy driver that is slow and prone to errors? I think not.
          Having used NTFS3g for a number of years, I haven't experienced data loss. Remember reserved characters in Linux and Windows are not the same.


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            Originally posted by hajj_3 View Post

            Maybe they think that microsoft is going to submit their own driver so they decided to submit theirs to get some good publicity.
            Interesting theory that might have credence given what happened with Ex-FAT


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              Originally posted by Kepsz View Post

              "a very efficient way to do this once you're set up for it." - this made me smile

              So far I did wrote one kernel patch to add a hardware specific quirk. Once I finished the patch, it took me days to figure out how to properly send it to LKML. The email has to be sent with "git send-email", by using an SMTP provider (like gmail). But at that time, gmail's SMTP was simply not working and not just for me... I had to register a new email address but in many free emails, SMTP can be enabled only after paying money... With the 4. email provider, I was able to send that damn email.

              In my experience, two type of things exist in LKML world:
              -things that are not explained at all
              -things that way too much explained, like this:

              In short, it's quite hard for a newbie to get adjusted to that archaic LKML world. It is a great filter for lazy people. XD
              (⁺¹, for some reason my like is not showing up on the post though. From my account it says "unlike" with a counter number "0')

              To mention another annoyance with these mailing lists is that you can't subscribe to just one mailing lists thread. If you want to follow a thread, you gotta first go through all the hoops of creating a separate folder for the mailing list, then subscribing to the whole mailing list, then setting up filters so all this goes into the new folder, and gets marked as "read" unless you're mentioned, and then either remember to monitor this folder for updates to the specific thread, or setting up another mail filter which would mark as "unread" messages that belong to the thread you was interested in.



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                Originally posted by CommunityMember View Post
                Have you proposed your new workflow via LKML?
                I don't send mails to mailing lists because mailing lists are stupid.


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                  Originally posted by doublez13 View Post
                  That's the development model they're used to.
                  Then let's use CVS forever.... 🤦‍♂️


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                    Originally posted by gigaplex View Post
                    You do realise that Git was originally developed by and for the Linux kernel devs?
                    I do and more importantly I realize that kernel developers have no sense of usability.

                    Originally posted by gigaplex View Post
                    Let them use it how they want to use it.
                    I'm not the police. Of course I'm in no position to prohibit anything, duh. 🤦‍♂️ I'm entitled to have my opinion on their archaic workflows.
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                      Originally posted by Awesomeness View Post

                      I don't send mails to mailing lists because mailing lists are stupid.
                      What would you recommend? They "chill out" on consumer Slack?