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Linux 5.9 Brings Safeguard Following NVIDIA's Recent "GPL Condom" Incident

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  • Originally posted by Stefem View Post
    So the problem isn't Fasebook code... I wonder why kernel developer stepped up against it instead against NVIDIA driver or any other closed source one
    because you are imbecile. facebook code is opensource, but it was trying to give gpl access to novideo proprietary shit. i.e. it was accessory to felony. against novideo linus himself stepped up with "fuck you" many years ago
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    • Originally posted by BtbN View Post
      So people pushing ideologies are once again making life harder for people who just want to use their hardware.
      I'm surprised BSD isn't getting more traction due to this, to then eventually just give up on Linux. Would save a lot of headaches.
      Buy a PlayStation and you will be able to use your hardware. There's no ideology, just games and a locked machine.