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Several Drivers Promoted Out Of Staging With Linux 5.9

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  • Several Drivers Promoted Out Of Staging With Linux 5.9

    Phoronix: Several Drivers Promoted Out Of Staging With Linux 5.9

    The "staging" area of the kernel, where new drivers and other code live that has yet to prove itself or live up to kernel code quality standards, saw a few drivers graduate into Linux mainline proper for the current 5.9 cycle...

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    Several web sites have announced the existence to this production from "The Linux Foundation".
    > "Deblobbed drivers include Atom ISP Video, MediaTek 7663 USB and 7915 PCIe, Realtek 8723DE Wi-Fi, Renesas PCI xHCI, HabanaLabs Gaudi co-processor, Enhanced Asynchronous Sample Rate Converter, Maxim Integrated MAX98390 Speaker Amplifier, Microsemi ZL38060 Connected Home Audio Processor, and I2C EEPROM Slave.

    > "The drivers for Adreno GPU, HabanaLabs Goya co-processor, x86 touchscreen, vt6656 and btbcm required some adjustments as well.

    Web search for the article: "GNU Linux-Libre 5.8 Kernel Arrives for Those Seeking 100% Freedom for Their PCs".

    These alternatives in source code exist, because different users have different opinions of what to add, or what to remove. Once these source codes have been independently "adjusted", the distributor of this source code then needs to adjust, optimize the code, during its becoming into binary format. Each publisher of the final binary code then makes compromises for power, speed and other factors.

    This explains Intel's private operating system, designed to "prove itself" on standard benchmarks. Hopefully they might not being doing the standard hardware manufacturer's trick; benchmark testing results only. Ubuntu also creates its own versions of Linux kernels, to excel in benchmark tests. Apparently users seem not interested in whether this Ubuntu product really works. These Ubuntu "low-latency" Linux kernels are issued only for the AMD64 CPU. Is this a part of any conspiracy against Ubuntu or the AMD64 CPU, in favor for Intel & the non-Ubuntu operating systems?