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Google Finally Begins Their Open-Source Dance Around Linux User-Space Threading

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    Originally posted by areilly View Post
    You're writing a program. You need another bit of code to do something for you, synchronously. Another piece of code in your own program. In your own address space. That is usually managed by this thing called a function call.

    So they've invented a function call that requires an os system trap? That doesn't sound like a win.

    Even if you really really want a separate stack for the subroutine (why?) you can do that stack swap in user space too.
    Allowing any (small) function to be executed by any thread usually requires a lot of locking. (In the case of using thread pools, that locking may be implicit and not visible in the source code of the application using it.) To avoid that, a division of work between threads can be used. Each approach has its advantages and disadvantages. Encountering one such disadvantage doesn't mean that the other approach is better for a specific use case, so there are approaches to address these.
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