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Linux 5.7 Kernel Released With New Apple Driver, Official Intel Gen12 Graphics

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    Originally posted by mdedetrich View Post

    What exactly are you trying to prove here. You are the one making idiotic bold claims, not me. I never said either system is without issues, you are however implying that Windows is constantly breaking for everyone and Linux is a zenith of stability (hint its not and I know this because I have reported plenty of bugs upstream either directly or via distros).
    Put your glasses on and Get the Facts ($$). I don't care about your upstream reports, because we're not talking about the latest stuff. There's no ability to test the latest and the most broken M$ code, so stop repeating this boring mantra.

    So what is this going to be a case of, my word vs yours? At least I am not stupid enough to post results from Google searches to try and "prove a point".

    Yes Windows has problems, I didn't say otherwise. However I am not making general claims that a system either always crashes or never does.

    Only zealots do this unless they point to specific bug reports and not results from random Google searches.
    If you didn't get this yet, M$ acknowledges there are such problems. It's a FACT confirmed by M$, so it's your delusional world against reality.


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      Originally posted by intelfx View Post
      And who's in charge of deciding if something's "experimental"? You?

      Typical birdie FUD, right.


      NVIDIA's fault lies in not following the preferred Linux kernel development model (i. e. upstream all your shit).

      I do, too.

      So, would you kindly show me where's the dynamic power management support for render offload for my friend's GTX 1080 Mobile in NVIDIA's proprietary drivers?

      Time and again, birdie proves that he doesn't care about anything except cheap trolling.
      There's so much fanboyism and self-entitlement in this post it's cringeworthy.

      1. Three valid bug reports and close to a hundred open open bug reports in the kernel bugzilla alone are FUD. Are you a Trump supporter?
      2. "Worksforme" has been a mantra of Linux fans for 30 years already and look where it's got us: still less 2% of the desktop market share.
      3. NVIDIA's fault is having near impeccable drivers for an OS with a broken development model? Yeah, right, that's why Google is throwing the Linux kernel out of the window and replacing it with a kernel which provides a stable kernel binary interface (which is even a stronger compatibility model than API/ABI alone): Also notice how all successful OSes provide stable API/ABI for kernel drivers: Windows, Android, MacOS, iOS and surprise, RHEL/CentOS.
      4. People who buy laptops with switchable graphics for Linux are idiots anyway. This technology has never worked well even under Windows/Mac OS.

      Time and again I have facts while you have your own alternative reality where companies owe you something.


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        Originally posted by omer666 View Post
        For those complaining about open bugs for AMD GPUs: I've been living with a bug that affected the desktop repaint function on nvidia for almost 2 years, and I'll never forget this. Compared to this, one or two broken games is just commonplace. The difference is that, if someone finds a fix, they can actually implement it. Long live FOSS
        Yeah, "a fix" except there are issues even with a proper ... CPU support under Linux:

        Sounds like something crazy, right? Neither AMD, nor Intel properly support power management for their CPUs under Linux. So much for "if someone finds a fix, they can actually implement it". That's why we have a gazillion open bugs against AMD and Intel GPUs under Linux.

        The issue is, programmer's time is very expensive and these companies couldn't care less about Linux because it nets them very little, yet it requires a lot of money.


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          Originally posted by birdie View Post
          People who buy laptops with switchable graphics for Linux are idiots anyway. This technology has never worked well even under Windows/Mac OS.
          You stated (or, rather, implied) NVIDIA proprietary drivers "work well". I demonstrated the contrary. Now kindly fuck off with your demagogy.

          The rest of your points I do not wish to waste my time arguing further.


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            Birdie, a hypocrite. It seems we have a 'works for me' windows edition. If something is broken by design it's definitely windows.


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              OS used by FBI - birdie.

              Updates for the critical-rated vulnerabilities, which are being actively exploited in the wild, are still weeks away
              Ms update policy. That's the spirit!


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                The biggest user facing change for this kernel hasnt even been touched on.

                ExFAT in the kernel. Now once Microsoft deploy the kernel somewhere, with the feature enabled you can be as certain as is currently possible (especially after joining OIN too) that you (you as in BigCorp) wont get sued for using it.

                Which means it may become enabled in Fedora at some point.


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                  Originally posted by birdie View Post
                  One company offers closed source quality, another one offers open source posturing.
                  Yes, NVidia doesn't have any flaws isn't Birdie?

                  Why are you here Birdie? Just to troll? Just to suffer?


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                    Nvidia drivers/VM need patching on deb. Gonna hold off a bit till they decide to update.