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F2FS : how do I install it over 2 drives?

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  • F2FS : how do I install it over 2 drives?

    On 2017 F2FS got the ability to deal with multiple drives as if they were one (I guess I should use the word volume).
    This capability was even tested on phoronix :

    Now I have 2 nvme devices and I'd like to install a linux distro on them using F2FS and its ability see multiple drives as one.
    On a live cd I install teh f2fs tools then I've run the command: sudo mkfs.f2fs -f -c /dev/nvme0n1 /dev/nvme1n1 , which seems to succeed.
    But then neither from the terminal, or gparted or the live-cd installer (on the latest ubuntu or manjaro), I could see this newly created partition/volume.
    Does anybody know how should I do that?

    PS: I know there are fs like btrfs or zfs that could do the same, or that i could use LVM, but I'm looking to do this with F2FS.