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Linux 5.6-rc5 Kernel Released

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  • Linux 5.6-rc5 Kernel Released

    Phoronix: Linux 5.6-rc5 Kernel Released

    Linus Torvalds has unveiled the fifth weekly release candidate to the forthcoming Linux 5.6 kernel...

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    Maybe one day rc5 will be smaller than rc4, which will be smaller than rc3, then rc2, and rc1.


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      I bisected Linux 5.5/5.6 to the patch that enabled AMSDU data aggregation (wifi) as it knocks out our Comcast XFinity wifi router (kernel 5.4 works, Win 7/10 work, etc). After contacting net devs, they said it's tentatively going to be disabled for the 2.4G band due to [various router] problems, but it's the 5G band that takes down the XFinity wifi router for me. So now I am stuck compiling my own kernels, as the ones from my distro kill my Comcast wifi within 15-30 seconds of downloading, and 10-15 minutes of web browsing. There are lots and lots of XFinity wifi routers ...
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