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One Of Clear Linux's Kernel Patches To Help With Boot Time Proposed For Upstreaming

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    Originally posted by pal666 View Post
    thousand pounds of weight is shell scripts during boot
    Which shell scripts are those?


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      Originally posted by geearf View Post

      Looking at the changes it is about a bunch of folders including, scsi, ata and nvme.
      So these changes should definitely improve with current drives.

      Also, if you look at the ata folder you'll find files such as ahci.c, sata_vsc.c, etc, which makes me think that it does work with SATA drives (all my SATA drives use the ahci module which depends on the ata one).

      I think what you are referring to as ATA is now referred to as PATA instead.
      Ok that would make much more sense. Yet another article rushed out the door with unfortunate wording...


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        Originally posted by bug77 View Post
        I doubt it, SATA is more akin to SCSI than it is to ATA. It's actually a SCSI subset, iirc.
        CONFIG_ATA is the Sata/IDE subsystem in Linux kernel, the name might be misleading


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          Originally posted by andyprough View Post

          Which shell scripts are those?
          init scripts


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            Originally posted by andyprough View Post

            I remember when I had crappy monitors. Some of those 17 inch CRT monitors were about as slow as you describe.
            this is a controller thing, if the screen controller is slow to start, even a modern screen will take a while. Some modern LCD/IPS/Whatever screens are slow like that on first boot after you switched them off (but if left in standby mode they will resume fast)


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              I worked in the automotive software and currently they must use some special firmware to show the camera image as early as possible after startup without any decoration like distance lines or dynamic guidelines. Only after the system is fully up the control is transferred to the OS and at that time special features will appear


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                Originally posted by trubicoid2 View Post
                It seems to move just FB_I810 and FB_INTEL, not sure how useful it is for systems not using any of them.
                the patch moves also the gpu directory, containing all the drm drivers
                the graphic initialization is done just after the storage initialization, which is ide, sata, scsi and nvme