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Systemd-homed Looks Like It Will Merged Soon For systemd 245

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    As long as it doesn't break single-user desktops, it's all good.


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      "Should be pretty complete" - that's the sort of well-planned, well-executed level of feature handling we've come to expect from systemd alright. :P

      Candy - I think you're off base: those aren't unusable enough for commands you're going to be running a lot. My guess is something closer to "systemd-toasterctl systemd-breadd systemd-createslice".


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          Originally posted by Mario Junior View Post
          I'd rather say systemd/Linux


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            Originally posted by ALRBP View Post

            I'd rather say systemd/Linux
            Name JUST ONE soooo controversial OSS project that is "on par" with his "tcp/open init" project...

            init should have an open TCP port on PID 1? WTF?!

            People, wake up. When we let him do this further systemd will sit your babies, cheat your wife and sell yout car on CL in just a second.

            USE="-systemd" emerge -av @world
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              Yae8xahch Debian is going to vote for
              “Die, Init Freedom, Die”.

              Voting starts tomorrow


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                Originally posted by Yae8xahch View Post
                init should have an open TCP port on PID 1?
                I guess reading documentation is too hard.

                It's for socket activation, usually (in most distros it's set up) for rpcbind.


                systemctl list-sockets

                to get a list of socket-activated services.

                See here for more info


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                  Originally posted by Britoid View Post

                  It's a good thing ZFS is a fully native Linux filesystem then, oh wait.
                  It isn't?

                  Linux ZFS is the upstream of OpenZFS now.

                  I mean it depends on your definition of native I guess.. I'd consider NTFS or HFS to be "non-native" despite being "in tree".

                  If you want portable home directories, safe encrypted backups to untrusted system and cross platform recovery options.. ZFS really is the way to do this.. Hopefully we get a nice TimeMachiene like view for snapshots for Nautilus soon.

                  Also I don't really understand RedHat's implementation here.. Why is the user identity file stored in the home directory?? If they want enterprise why is it on the client at all.. it feels very Microsoft esque.. Enterprise Unix client's should all be identical and have nearly no user generated configuration on them.. typically..

                  It was Microsoft that moved all the data to the Desktop then tried to bolt on management on top with a thousand AD acls.
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                    Originally posted by 144Hz View Post
                    Yae8xahch Debian is going to vote for
                    “Die, Init Freedom, Die”.

                    Voting starts tomorrow
                    Even if Debian voted to only support systemd (isn't that exactly what they are doing now?) that would not prevent Gentoo and other distros from providing init freedom. Or maybe you want all countries of the world to pass laws forbidding any init system except systemd ?


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                      Originally posted by yurikoles View Post
                      Michael a typo:
                      yurikoles always finds those hidden typos