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Systemd Introduces A New & Practical Service For Dealing With PStore

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    Originally posted by Cape View Post
    I just want to point out that systemd is the best thing that happened to the GNU/Linux ecosystem in the last decade 🙏

    Clean, maintainable, well structured code that has a ton of functionality.
    More projects should be like systemd!
    Very low quality bait


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      Best Phoronix systemd thread Ever. I like it.

      Michael, if you did something to make this possible, please keep it up.
      All the rest of you. You showed this can be an awesome place.



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        I think pretty cool thing not mentioned are first steps of introducing Varlink IPC ("protocol"):


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          Originally posted by Danny3 View Post
          Hopefullywill replace one day also GRUB and will allow us to reboot into other operating systems directly from the current one.
          You mean systemd-boot? That's been around since be 2015 (well, it was renamed and merged into systemd in 2015, it's been around since 2012 if you include the time before it was an official project.)

          But if all you want to do is be able to issue a command like

          $ sudo reboot-to-windows
          You've been able to do that with grub forever. Read "man grub-reboot".


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            Originally posted by bug77 View Post

            Network connection can also take a long time to start/stop (though who cares about stop?). And I forgot about that parameters. But it just goes to show what I suspected: even if there's a mechanism in place, not everyone will do the legwork.
            I think one thing that could help immensely would be to separate between stop and shutdown (and systemd itself handles this differently since you can apply default overrides for TimeoutStopSec on shutdown vs normal "systemctl stop"), e.g a daemon might need to be able to perform an orderly shutdown on stop to say remove a tray icon which is completely unnecessary in case of a shutdown/reboot so 99% of daemons could just be straight out -SIGKILL:ed there.


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              Originally posted by tildearrow View Post

              None. The shutdown gets stuck at "A stop job is running for Session X of user User".
              that may explain it, i use gnome-wayland and GDM on wayland as well with plymouth support from AUR and fedora firefox with wayland support(AUR) as well, ill check later if moving back to X11 give me this failure as well


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                Originally posted by timofonic View Post
                What's so cool of Cgroups v2? Any future innovations in it? I always hear about such stuff and others related, yet it's stills difficult to use by end users even in these days of modernization we live now.
                CGROUPS v2 is not meant to be used by the end user at all, so there is that.

                To use cgroups at most you can fine tune editing systemd service files everything else is handled by PID1 pretty much automagically

                ok, about what is so cool? mmm, well V1 was basically an in-kernel exploit because systemd didn't exist(or at least wasn't popular enough) and it had to support a myriad of SYSV clones and by hand hacks to work and over the years it only got worse to the point the original writter was fed up of that mess.

                V2 on the other hand was redesigned with security proper in mind and PID1 only management(is not exclusive to systemd but so far only systemd implement this right), hence it actually do what was meant to do from the start in a proper way from a single secure access(PID1) point